Fix a Neck Hump. Buffalo Neck, Dowagers Hump…

14 min readApr 12, 2021

4 SIMPLE Focused Actions. Plus 1 Tip to use immediately throughout your day. AND the most popular exercise you should AVOID.

All 4 Focused Actions are SIMPLE and definitely something you CAN do.

If you want to get rid of your neck hump; improve your posture and simply get more out of life longer here’s what you do.

Start with Focused Action 1

  1. Training your spine’s most important stabilizing muscle this guy here.

Most clients didn’t know that the diaphragm was even a muscle they could train!!! Next comes

2. Training of your spine’s tiny muscles….you won’t believe how much these little guys contribute to your posture….


Once you are using both Focused Actions 1 and 2 daily you’ll be ready to layer on Focused Action 3.

3. Training the muscle that attaches to your shoulder blades and spine.


With these 3 under your belt, you will have set your body up in a way that the training of the 4th Focused Action will work and you will get results.

The 4th Focused Action is:

Training your spine’s superficial postural muscles.

That just means training your big muscles on top.

The ones you can feel and are often the only ones taught to us from grade school gym onward.

The 4 Focused Actions — layered on — step-by-step will Get You the Results you are looking for.

PLUS here’s an AMAZING side effect of your…




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