Back/Shoulder/Neck Pain? Pelvic floor weak?

12 min readMar 21, 2021

Train this One Muscle in LESS than 3 minutes total per day.

I found the positive impact this ONE MUSCLE has on our body to be jaw-dropping. For some, I shared it with, life-altering.

And what’s even more mind-boggling is the Simplicity of the Self Care Focused Action it takes to train it.

All you need is:

  • to know how to use it
  • then to take a few moments each night to incorporate it as you drift off to sleep.

This one muscle might be—

A muscle that you never thought of as a muscle.

I want to change that and introduce you to it because this muscle of yours can have an amazingly positive impact on your entire body.

If you are one of the many who experience neck/shoulder/lower back tension-pain or even some knee and pelvic floor muscle issues the impact training this muscle can have on diminishing and relieving your discomfort is tremendous.

How can strengthening ONE MUSCLE be so beneficial for everyone?

This muscle is beneficial to every one of us because it is an important spine stabilizer.

I was astounded that the use of this magnificent muscle — -a muscle that is not only responsible literally for keeping us alive but is also responsible for our spine stabilization— was not a big focus in my formal Physical Sciences education in the ’80s.

I continue to be astounded that although you can find more pockets of wellness professionals teaching it these days it’s still not common knowledge to everyone who needs it.




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