Vertigo Causes & What Can Help

19 min readMar 26, 2023

Knowing the Underlying Cause(s) of Vertigo Helps the Most

The first step in figuring out what to do for your vertigo is to pinpoint the underlying cause(s) of your vertigo.

When you can identify the reason(s) for your vertigo it helps you determine what to do.

I’ve only experienced vertigo one time. It lasted for a good week, and I would like never to experience it again.

Once my vertigo subsided, I researched the causes and best practices to identify better why I had it and how I could support myself if it ever came on again.

As well as have under my belt how to recognize subtle signs so I can avoid it altogether!

Then this week, as I was chatting with someone, they mentioned they could feel a bit of vertigo coming on, so I decided to share what I put together about vertigo and the variety of simple self care tips-tools that may help.

First There Are Many Reasons For Vertigo

There are many reasons for vertigo because it is a symptom rather than a specific condition. (7)

The Symptom: VERTIGO

Vertigo can make you feel like you or your surroundings are spinning or moving even when you and/or your surroundings are not moving at all.

It is a symptom of vestibular dysfunction and has been described as a sensation of motion, most commonly rotational motion.(7)

Common Reasons for the Symptom of Vertigo

Vertigo is a common symptom caused by many factors, even a combination of the factors that impact your vestibular system.

What is Vestibular…




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