Legs Up on Wall Works Wonders!

9 min readMar 12, 2023

Placing your legs up the wall provides several physical and mental health benefits.

Today’s Post is in response to a subscribers question:

Q “mo, I’m overwhelmed, stressed, and I really do want to get back on the self care track. I feel like I can only handle one ‘to-do’ to get started. If you could suggest just one thing I could focus on, what would that be?” Thanks! K.L.

A: If I had to chose one thing I would choose something I happen to do each evening.

It is a passive position that is well documented to benefit multiple systems while also strengthening vagal tone which positively-

  • reduces stress
  • improves digestion
  • sleep
  • mood…

So my answer is: The Passive Legs Up the Wall Position with guided breathing.

Here’s Why and then How.

Physical and Mental health benefits.

A Few Physical Benefits

Positioning yourself on your back and placing your legs up can help to:

  • improve circulation (4)
  • support lymphatic drainage (plays a big role in your immune system) (8)
  • ease leg heaviness, varicose veins (9)

Both Blood and Lymph circulate in one direction and that is toward the heart.

The veins and lymph vessels benefit when your legs are up the wall because you reduce the resistance gravity plays.

This allows the fluids to move more easily toward the heart.

Research also points to benefits of legs up the wall like:

  • improving digestion (1)(5)
  • easing lower back tightness/sciatic nerve pain
  • helping to reduce fatigue/insomnia (10)




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