How to get rid of a lower belly pooch. #1 lower ab exercise.

7 min readMar 19, 2022

The way to get rid of a belly pooch is to address

  • the excess fat accumulation and
  • lack of muscle tone.

Today’s post shares the # 1 lower ab exercise that targets your pooch.

It is the most effective and efficient exercise when it comes to improving lower ab tone.

Video Time Stamps ⏱

0:00 Our Pooch

1:59 Props to Positioning them

3:08 Positioning

5:15 Action

5:58 Timing/Breathing example

6:40 Practice Routine

8:15 Re-Cap

9:28 Finding your starting Point

There are many reasons to reduce a belly pooch beyond looks. Here are just a few of them:

Reducing a belly pooch

  • decreases/eliminates upper back, lower back, and overall aches and pains
  • reduces excess wear and tear on other joints. Joints that are presently moving on an unbalanced posture that a pooch can create.
  • diminishes chronic low-level inflammation that can be the result of both:

excess body fat stores and moving on an unbalanced posture.

Simple self-care-focused actions like today’s lower ab exercise help you to

– get rid of a belly pooch while it

– provides exponential payoff body-wide.




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