How to Avoid Nail Polish Toxins: 2 Brands to Try.

11 min readFeb 27, 2022

3-FREE was a huge win when it came to reducing toxins in nail polish.

The ‘toxic trio’ many removed:

  • toluene,
  • dibutyl phthalate (DBP) and
  • formaldehyde

Unfortunately, 3- free, 6 free, even 16 free doesn’t mean toxic-free.

Consider a simple self-care swap to avoid toxins in your nail polish. I’ll share 2 Brands I’m going to try and why.

A bottle of my nail polish cracked and the fumes were so strong it got me thinking there is NO way this is not toxic. I was right.


  • How something called regrettable substitution makes avoiding nail polish toxicity more confusing.
  • Look beyond the marketing label. Focus on the list of ingredients IN the nail polish instead.
  • The 2 brands I’ve ordered to try first and why.

Regrettable substitutions make avoiding nail polish toxins more confusing if not impossible.

The reason it is close to impossible to figure out which nail polishes are safe is something called– regrettable substitution.

“Regrettable substitution is when one chemical is banned, only to be replaced with another chemical just as harmful, or potentially worse” 1 (color added)

Advertisers can make claims that are true like: 3 FREE, 6 FREE, 10 FREE… and at the same time leave out the fact that the substitutions have health risks and at times these substitutions regrettably can be worse for our wellness and health!

Top that off with the fact that- 🔗 “none of the claims of ‘Non-toxic’ ‘Natural’ or ‘Safe’ need premarket approval in the nail polish industry“.2

“Regrettable substitution can occur because the U.S. lacks a regulatory structure to motivate proactive consideration of health risks of replacement chemicals”2




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