How Comdian Kathleen Madigan is Improving My Health and Wellness Every Day!

7 min readJul 28, 2020

(well almost every day— she skips a day or two here and there….)

Kathleen Madigan is playing an integral part in the health and wellness of many of our lives including mine.

By reading to us at night and posting her videos she’s literally helping her followers stay healthy and well in today’s stressful environment.


Your favorite comedian; storyteller can be doing the same for you.

It’s no joke. (1) Here’s how the positive impact plays out in the body and what to look for to find ‘YOUR’ Kathleen Madigan to gain the same benefits.

I watch the typical 10-minute daily video Kathleen creates and posts so my HPA Axis (one of 3 CORE contributors to the wellness of ALL my body systems) receives the signals from my reactions to her videos. Letting my body know all is good at the moment.

My HPA Axis- also called the stress loop,(2) — is made up of 3 Organs. The typical stress loop: my Hypothalamus talks to my Pituitary and says uh oh things are getting stressful around here…sending that messaging on to my Adrenals. So this happens:

When I watch the evening video that Kathleen Madigan posts my Hypothalamus lets my Pituitary know things at this very moment are a-okay. My Pituitary sends the good message on to my Adrenals.

End result: all my systems get a dose of calm each night.

THEN that small dose of calm repeated nightly adds up to A TON and I mean A TON of good for my body.

Now I’m not new to the quizzical looks; responses and surprised reactions when I share Simple very Simple Actions you can take that add up to self-care that produces results




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