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Relieving Leg Cramps is on the minds of many lately. I’ve received multiple emails specifically asking about relieving and preventing leg cramps at night, which makes perfect sense in light of the extraordinarily extreme weather most of us have been experiencing.

If you’re experiencing nighttime leg cramps, you are not alone!

Up to 60% of adults get leg cramps at night, as do up to 40% of children and teenagers.” (1)

Some of the email questions:

Hi, mo. Can you tell me what could be causing the terrible pain in my legs during the night? And what should I do during the cramp?

“Greetings mo, A couple of questions: Why is the cramping in my leg at night so painful? And Is there a way to prevent them?

Why do we have painful foot and leg cramps while sleeping?

“Dear mo, Are there Simple Self Care tips that help diminish nighttime cramps or even prevent them from happening?

“What should I take for night leg cramps?”

…, researchers found that about 30% of adults report having NLCs (nocturnal leg cramps) at least five times a month.” “A high 6% reported nightly leg cramps”

(2)(BOLD ADDED)(5)

Anyone who has experienced nighttime leg cramps knows they are painful, for some excruciatingly painful. I hope today’s information helps you match simple self care tips that work for your body.

Today we’ll identify:

  • What a Nighttime Leg Cramp is.
  • Why is it so painful?” “What to do.”
  • Why do our muscles cramp, to begin with?
  • “What could be causing leg cramps?” (Common Causes)
  • Simple Self Care Tips for Each of the Common Causes.

What is a Nighttime Leg Cramp?




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