Chronic Conditions; Auto-Immune Issues…. Start Here to Get The Wellness You Want.

Achieving the Wellness ‘YOU’ Want Starts with the Epiphany that ‘YOU’ Hold the Key.

Today I’m sharing ‘THE’ most EMPOWERING Catalyst to Attaining Wellness. (1)

Like Dorothy, I was looking for answers but getting more and more scared, lost in my plight.

I was lonely and felt like I was running out of options.

To go after the wellness I wanted I needed to find the:
  • Courage to advocate much more strongly for my bio-individual self-care.
  • Believe my thoughts, and health complaints were legitimate. That my Brain was just fine. I wasn’t just ‘too sensitive’. My self-awareness was valuable and an important piece of figuring out why I was in this dismal, chronic, escalating wellness conundrum. I was not crazy… I was instead a qualified partner in my wellness journey — not a passive recipient of instructions.
  • Love and compassion for myself as well as for those professionals, friends, and family who agreed and disagreed with my path. This was and is so important. When I started seeking partnerships in my desire to be a part of my own ‘integrative’ health care (which more than 30 years ago was really rocking the medical hierarchy boat) I needed to be okay with those who got pushy, angry or verbally hurtful toward me when they, unfortunately, took my questions and then decisions of focusing earnestly on uncovering the root cause of my chronic conditions as an affront.

Lastly, I needed to come to the realization that I held the KEY the entire time.

My new perception gave me what I needed to finally achieve the goal of attaining MY optimal Wellness.

3 Core Concepts offer a perspective that changes everything when it comes to going after wellness.

The 3 Core Concepts provide Clarity, Focus and the Wellness Filter to become empowered. Let’s get started!

Core Concept 1

It’s when we are suboptimal in one or more systems on-going that chronic issues start to set in.

It seems more and more issues ‘pop up’ further discouraging us.

I desperately wanted to avoid being one of the statistics provided by the CDC and NIH:

This has to STOP and I was determined to be a part of the answer — helping as many as I could escape unnecessary chronic issues.

Photo by camilo jimenez on Unsplash

Using this approach for Chronic issues gets us further away from the wellness we want.

Our Body has a Hierarchy.


This is our Human Organism Hierarchy.

Without healthy cells we won’t have healthy tissues.

Unhealthy Tissues means less healthy Organs

Less healthy Organs…less optimal Systems,

Less Optimal Systems …A Body with chronic wellness issues.

😊 CELLS Rule. ( 🎤drop)

Have you given your CELLS what they need today?

But ask me what my CELLS needed? UMMMMM.

Core Concept 2 Our Body has a Hierarchy and CELLS rule!

…..SELF CARE is the SUM of my CELL’f CARE.

Now for Core Concept 3. It brings us full circle:

Giving clear guidance on — Where to Start to Get The Wellness You Want.

Core Concept 3 is the KING of the 3 Core Concepts.

  • Our body is made up of Systems. They are integrated. Interconnected, INTERDEPENDENT on Each Other.
  • Our body has a hierarchy. CELLs RULE!

It is 100% true that we are DEPENDENT on the health of our cells ..

BUT guess what!?!

It’s also true that those very cells we are dependent on are 100% DEPENDENT on US!

WHOA!!!!!! WHAT!?!

Core Concept 3: It’s YOU that is KING!

It all comes down to YOU! …..‘YOU’ Hold the Key.

You’ve Got This!

  1. Infographic Content provided and maintained by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
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  3. World Health Organization. Global Status Report on Noncommunicable Diseases 2010: Description of the Global Burden of NCDs, Their Risk Factors and Determinants. Geneva, Switzerland: WHO; 2011.
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