Chronic Conditions; Auto-Immune Issues…. Start Here to Get The Wellness You Want.

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Achieving the Wellness ‘YOU’ Want Starts with the Epiphany that ‘YOU’ Hold the Key.

In the previous article Focusing on the M.E.N. in Your Life Helps Shed Chronic Wellness Issues it’s the addition of a few good M.E.N. that’s been the 2nd most empowering catalyst in changing the trajectory of my wellness as well as those I worked with.

Today I’m sharing ‘THE’ most EMPOWERING Catalyst to Attaining Wellness.

Decades ago I believed if I followed exactly what I learned in school about Motion, Emotion, and Nutrition I would achieve the wellness I wanted.

Instead, I found myself sicker and sicker as years passed by.

So much so that by my mid-late 20’s I was becoming the typical American statistic of suffering from more than one chronic disease and needing more and more medications to be ‘Well’. (1)

I followed to the TEE every instruction I was given by my BIG array of health professionals, who were earnestly trying to help me with what they knew. I followed exactly what they prescribed BECAUSE I WANTED WELLNESS.

Like Dorothy, I was looking for answers but getting more and more scared, lost in my plight.

I was lonely and felt like I was running out of options.

To turn my abysmal wellness around I knew I needed to remove myself from the whirlwind of standardized, dogmatic advice I was receiving and adhering to.

To go after the wellness I wanted I needed to find the:
  • Courage to advocate much more strongly for my bio-individual self-care.
  • Believe my thoughts, and health complaints were legitimate. That my Brain was just fine. I wasn’t just ‘too sensitive’. My self-awareness was valuable and an important piece of figuring out why I was in this dismal, chronic, escalating wellness conundrum. I was not crazy… I was instead a qualified partner in my wellness journey — not a passive recipient of instructions.
  • Love and compassion for myself as well as for those professionals, friends, and family who agreed and disagreed with my path. This was and is so important. When I started seeking partnerships in my desire to be a part of my own ‘integrative’ health care (which more than 30 years ago was really rocking the medical hierarchy boat) I needed to be okay with those who got pushy, angry or verbally hurtful toward me when they, unfortunately, took my questions and then decisions of focusing earnestly on uncovering the root cause of my chronic conditions as an affront.

Lastly, I needed to come to the realization that I held the KEY the entire time.

It had always been in my power to approach my wellness in a different way. Again, like Dorothy, I was unaware that an option even existed!

My false perception- believing there was a singular path to ‘fixing’ my issues… that all I needed to do was be persistent enough to find the one who could tell me what would work (find my OZ) — this false perception held me back from attaining the wellness I wanted.

This was just as true for the clients. It was always a huge relief when they too realized they had options.

It took my Lion, Scarecrow, and Tinman to be awakened in me. I needed to find the Courage, Brainpower, and Heart to be in place so I could come to the epiphany that it was up to me to turn my Wellness Path around.

The 3 Core Concepts helped me do just that.

The Courage, Know-how, and Compassion I needed in order to face the challenge of going against the established dogma of ‘how’ to approach my chronic issues came from knowing the 3 Core Concepts.

I was looking for OZ — taking every step toward finding ‘WHO’ could solve my issues.

When I had the epiphany that the entire time I had it ‘in me’ to change my wellness — I was the KEY. I couldn’t believe it!

My new perception gave me what I needed to finally achieve the goal of attaining MY optimal Wellness.

It since has become the most powerful catalyst in my speeches, sessions, presentations….

As I became more and more adept at winnowing down the Process to Simplify Self Care I began sharing in my presentations the 3 Core Concepts that position everyone to begin to go after the wellness they want.

3 Core Concepts offer a perspective that changes everything when it comes to going after wellness.

The 3 Core Concepts support the sense of Courage, the belief your Knowledge qualifies you to be an active participant and helps you emotionally stay in a place of compassionate — understanding when others are not ‘in to’ the lifestyle decisions and changes being made by you.

The 3 Core Concepts provide Clarity, Focus and the Wellness Filter to become empowered. Let’s get started!

Core Concept 1

Our body is made of Systems. They are integrated. Interconnected and interdependent on each other.

We all have the same 11 Systems. A brief, brief overview: The Nervous System. It's our signal/informational system. Our Endocrine System that has hormonal glands to produce the hormones that control many many things like growth, sleep, mood, reproduction. There’s our Respiratory System. Brings air into the body and removing carbon dioxide. Digestive System. Breaks down and moves food throughout our digestive tract so nutrients/water can be used by all our systems. What isn’t used is processed and eliminated. Our Immune System (which our gut is part of) is our body’s defense system. Keeping us safe working against infections and disease. The lymphatic system works to get the waste cells collected from our body. Urinary System another waste eliminating system. Our Skeletal System made up of the bones that protect our organs; give our body shape and structure. The muscle system enables us to receive and react to the directions to shorten and lengthen fibers so we can move. Integumentary System which is a fancy name for our Skin, hair, nails… Reproductive System to conceive, have children.

These Systems are integrated. Interconnected and INTERDEPENDENT on each other. THIS IS very important to unwinding chronic conditions.

Our body is made of Systems. They are integrated. Interconnected and INTERDEPENDENT on each other.

We can have a system or even two working suboptimally during a ‘bout’ of something- an acute injury, virus, infection….The other body systems can pitch in- ramp up — help to bring our body back into balance.

It’s when we are suboptimal in one or more systems on-going that chronic issues start to set in.

The longer the one or two systems are not receiving the support needed to rebalance the more chronic issues become part of creating the next chronic issue(s).

It seems more and more issues ‘pop up’ further discouraging us.

Keeping us on the gerbil wheel of working like crazy trying the newest wellness “get quick results plan’ that keeps us circling back again to less and less wellness- Those suffering from chronic issues are NOT stuck where they are due to lack of trying to do good for their body it’s often the exact opposite they are trying everything! Unfortunately creating more chaos and less balancing of systems involved.That sure was me.

Because I did not yet understand Core Concept 1I was chasing each symptom as a separate problem.

Each specialist would add their expertise which in turn would have a cascade effect on another system.

I desperately wanted to avoid being one of the statistics provided by the CDC and NIH:

“Chronic Diseases are the Leading Cause of death and Disability in the U.S. 7 out of 10 deaths among Americans are from Chronic diseases” (2) bold added by me

“Chronic diseases are the leading cause of death and disability worldwide. They account for almost 60% of all deaths and 43% of the global burden of disease [3]. This is expected to markedly increase with chronic disease contributing 73% of all deaths and 60% of the global burden of disease by 2020 [4].”bold added by me

This has to STOP and I was determined to be a part of the answer — helping as many as I could escape unnecessary chronic issues.

I mapped out the 3 Core Concepts and the One Focus that got me on my way toward the wellness I so desperately wanted so I could share with others.

Core Concept 1 Our body is made of Systems. They are integrated. Interconnected and INTERDEPENDENT on each other.

This means retracing history and the steps tried when going after wellness is a critical piece.

I would have NEVER guessed my root problem had I not incorporated Core Concept 1 into my process. It provided clarity and focus.

Helping to unwind my abysmal wellness status as well as every client I have ever worked with. They felt instant relief that it ‘wasn’t them’ that was failing.

The realization that they were putting their energies into programsthat couldn’t get them the wellness they wanted because they were not working on ‘their’ system(s) of origin.

We most often ‘attack’ chronic wellness issues through an ‘acute’ sickness lense. Focused on stopping the newest body symptom.

This way of thinking- MAKE A SYMPTOM STOP is perfect for the acute medical issue. Bleeding- MAKE IT STOP to improve the outcome. Broken Bone FIX it with Surgery. AGGRESSIVE Bacterial infection MAKE IT STOP with antibiotics….

Photo by camilo jimenez on Unsplash

Using this approach for Chronic issues gets us further away from the wellness we want.

To begin to address Chronic Conditions; Auto-Immune Issues we start with thinking about the entire bio-individual story.

Their timeline. History. It is time-intensive. It takes thoughtful give and take. It takes considering all the body systems. Core Concept 1is key to achieving the wellness wanted….


Core Concept 1 Our body is made of Systems. They are integrated. Interconnected and interdependent on each other.

*If you are wanting to be diving deeper into each of the 3 Core Concepts you can get on the notification list here for the next LIVE webinar.

Moving on to a quick overview of the next Core Concept.

Our Body has a Hierarchy.


Our body is made up of Systems. Our Systems are made up of ORGANS. Our Organs are made up of TISSUES. Our Tissues are made up of CELLS. CELLS RULE!

This is our Human Organism Hierarchy.

Without healthy cells we won’t have healthy tissues.

Unhealthy Tissues means less healthy Organs

Less healthy Organs…less optimal Systems,

Less Optimal Systems …A Body with chronic wellness issues.

😊 CELLS Rule. ( 🎤drop)

Short — sweet and just as powerful when it comes to getting the wellness we want.

Knowing CELLS rule gives a whole new level of clarity and focus. This filter cuts through a whole bunch of crappy information thrown our way.

To Simplify Self Care we gotta know if the cells that make up the tissues that make up the organs that make up the Systems have what they need.

Have you given your CELLS what they need today?

Seeing that the sum of my cells is what makes my body what it is. It sure was something I needed to know.

But ask me what my CELLS needed? UMMMMM.

My formal education in the Physical Sciences & Nutrition combined, I myself couldn’t answer that succinctly. 🤔 ( I will be sharing the answer to CELL ESSENTIALS in an upcoming piece 🤓)

I certainly could spew off what the food pyramid was. I could rattle off the Newest Study Says because I was always looking for the magic bullet discovery that would ‘fix’ me. But did I provide my CELLs with the ESSENTIALS they need?

Plus wouldn’t I be told?? After all my surgeries, symptoms, bad reactions to medicines ….I would always ask should I do something different to improve my body so this doesn’t keep happening? Should I do different Exercises? Emotional work? Nutritional changes?…Always, always I heard the range of: “if it makes you feel better” to “it has nothing to do with it”. Why wasn’t my CELL’f Care ever mentioned?

Core Concept 2 Our Body has a Hierarchy and CELLS rule!

…..SELF CARE is the SUM of my CELL’f CARE.

Pretty amazing: Core Concept 2 Our Body has a Hierarchy and CELLS rule!

I made sure to dive deep and figure out the Cells' ESSENTIALS. This way I could know I was providing my cells with the ESSENTIALS they needed.

Lo and behold….As I incorporated the ESSENTIALS symptoms began to slowly diminish and fall away. Those that stuck around were in sync with my Core Concept 1 finding — that my root cause was definitely the origin of my chronic conditions.

Once again this held true for clients learning that CELLS rule. It helped them FOCUS on getting the ESSENTIALS their cells needed. They too experienced the diminishing and falling away of the more recent symptoms while confirming their Core Concept 1 findings…that the interconnectedness, the interdependence of the systems pointed to their root cause(s). 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Now for Core Concept 3. It brings us full circle:

Giving clear guidance on — Where to Start to Get The Wellness You Want.

Core Concept 3 is the KING of the 3 Core Concepts.

Without it — the other 2 by themselves will not be as successful. So we know

  • Our body is made up of Systems. They are integrated. Interconnected, INTERDEPENDENT on Each Other.
  • Our body has a hierarchy. CELLs RULE!

The Status of our wellbeing is the SUM of our CELL’f Care.

The healthier the cells, the healthier the tissues that make up the organs that makeup or integrated systems we depend on. This is all true and important.

It is 100% true that we are DEPENDENT on the health of our cells ..

BUT guess what!?!

It’s also true that those very cells we are dependent on are 100% DEPENDENT on US!

WHOA!!!!!! WHAT!?!

YUP…While it is true that CELLs Rule

Core Concept 3: It’s YOU that is KING!

It all comes down to YOU! …..‘YOU’ Hold the Key.

The most Empowering piece of Wellness Information there is.

YOU are in charge.

You are the gatekeeper of the M.E.N. in your life.

THE right M.E.N provide the very ESSENTIALS your Cells need.

You have it in you to go after the Wellness You Want!

Keeping adding a FEW good M.E.N. Daily and Embrace the 3 Core Concepts beginning your journey toward the wellness you want in a clear focused effective manner!

Simplify Self Care beginning with the

3 Core Concepts provides

Clarity by Cutting the Confusion and provides the

Focus to go after the Wellness YOU Want.

You’ve Got This!

🧡 mo

It’s my goal to Simplify Self Care adding confidence and clarity so you KNOW the Wellness You Want is 100% achievable. If I was able to do it so can you! YOU‘VE GOT this! Looking for tips and guidance?

Looking to dive deeper into CELL’f Care? LIVE webinar link. I’ll let you know the next time I go LIVE.

Wellness practitioner? Podcast Episode IWPP C 100 -102 helps you incorporate the 3 Core Concepts into your Practice.

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